Don’t download that “free” software! and cannot be trusted anymore.

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The Dunning-Kruger effect

Education has an interesting limitation.

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Is skiing or snowboarding safer?

Winter will be here soon, so it’s time to talk about winter sports. I have kids who may become interested in snowboarding or skiing soon. As a protective parent, should I suggest the sport with the 62% lower risk of injury (skiing) or the one with a 61% lower risk of death (snowboarding)?

Skiing vs. Snowboarding? Which is more dangerous?

I think that Mpora’s math is wrong where it points out, “Snowboarders…33% less likely to be fatal,” though. Using the raw numbers in the full article, I calculated that a snowboarder being 61% less likely to suffer a fatal accident than a skier.

100% × (1 – ((snowboarder_deaths ÷ total_snowboarders) ÷ (skier_deaths ÷ total_skiers))) = reduced_risk_of_snowboarder_death

100% × (1 – ((12 ÷ (7,300,000 + 300,000)) ÷ (39 ÷ (8,250,000 + 1,500,000)))) = 61%

Or, any snowboarder who is injured is 85% less likely to be injured fatally than any skier who is injured.

100% × (1 – ((snowboarder_deaths ÷ snowboarder_injuries) ÷ (skier_deaths ÷ skier_injuries))) = reduced_risk_of_injured_snowboarder_death

100% × (1 – ((12 ÷ ((6.97 ÷ 1000) × (7,300,000 + 300,000))) ÷ (39 ÷ ((2.63 ÷ 1000) × (8,250,000 + 1,500,000))))) = 85%


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Schadenfreude – hilarious skateboard party wipeout

I wish I could find the original version of this clip. Click to play.

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If you are singing while driving, wear a helmet

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How to lose money while trying to earn more money

Stories like this are why I do not plan to start my own company.

Gamasutra article: Why I’ve Said Goodbye to Mobile in Favor of PC

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As a dog returneth to his vomit…

…we’re headed back into combat in Iraq. Rats.

Boston Globe article:

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This must be the happiest monochromatic guy ever

The music is so chipper!
I think this guy is even happier than Nyan Cat.

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English Electric Lightning in the stratosphere

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Holes, Debris from Storms in Downtown CR

Can you spot my family in this video? This news segment aired on KGAN on June 30, 2014.
Click to Watch Video


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