This must be the happiest monochromatic guy ever

The music is so chipper!
I think this guy is even happier than Nyan Cat.

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English Electric Lightning in the stratosphere

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Holes, Debris from Storms in Downtown CR

Can you spot my family in this video? This news segment aired on KGAN on June 30, 2014.


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Happy 238th Independence Day, USA!–uc

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Happy memories of the Sears Computron

When I was a kid in the 1980′s, my sister owned a Sears Computron. The Computron had a 7-digit display for letters & numbers and a 30-button keyboard. The sounds it made were plain beeps at different pitches. It played number games, spelling games and a rebus game (which required the use of the instruction booklet). Best of all, the Computron featured a very basic musical sequencer.

Sears Computron (1980)

I don’t think that a kid nowadays would enjoy using the old Computron, but my sister and I completed each game, and I thought it was really cool. My sister composed this catchy & annoying little ditty:

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Jen's Ditty

So thanks, Sears (and manufacturer VTech), the Computron of 1980 was great.

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Bill Russell Most Valuable NBA Champion Award

The exciting 2014 NBA season just ended. I think that the stats show that LeBron James was the best player in the NBA Finals, so even though the San Antonio Spurs were clearly the best team this year, James should’ve been given this year’s Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award. (← look, I’m not alone)

If a player must be on the winning team to be eligible for this award, then it should be renamed to the Bill Russell Most Valuable NBA Champion Award.

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How to fix your worn-out Nickelback CD’s

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Living Worlds

Living Worlds in HTML5 is a masterful demonstration of color cycling, an old technique for animating an image by changing its palette.

Living Worlds in HTML5

A good web browser is required. Be sure to click Show Options and manipulate the Time of Day slider

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Musical toy – Pulsate

In Pulsate, click to create at least two circles. Listen to the tunes they make. Press Space to clear them all.


A good web browser is required.

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Musical toy – Blergo Beats 2

Blergo Beats 2 will let you create dance melodies rivaling Strong Bad and The Cheat. I apologize for the advertisements that you have to watch before playing with Blergo Beats 2.

Blergo Beats 2

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